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Below is a listing of some well known alumni.

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Name Known for
Flora Alekseyeva 1990 Member of MTV's Real World 1996 Miami cast.
Eddie Andelman 1954 Boston Radio Personality
Lenny Baker 1962 Actor. Winner of Golden Globe Award in 1976 for "Next Stop, Greenwich Village". Winner of Tony Award in 1977 for "I Love My Wife"
Heidi Berenson 1975 Won 2 emmy awards and a Peabody award for producing ABC News Peter jennings Forums. Was also producer for Good Morning America, CBS News, and CNN's Crossfire.
Hugh Cave 1927 Short story writer
Harvey R. Cohen 1969 Two time Emmy winner for music composed for "Batman" and "Aladdin".
Dr. M. Michael Cohen, Jr. 1955, Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, formerly Professor at the University of Washington in Seattle, author of more than 350 medical and scientific articles. and author, co-author, or editor of 14 books. He has won numerous awards for his work in medical genetics, discovered three newly recognized medical genetic diseases. One of them is named after him ("Cohen syndrome") and the gene that causes the disease.
There was a Festschrift held in his honor at the University of Utah in March 2007. The papers are now published in the December 2007 issue of the American Journal of Medical Genetics, which totals 476 pages.
Samuel Colman 1847 Prominent American artist and painter.
John Contardo 1969 Singer with the group ShaNaNa, which had a TV series and guest appearance in hit movie "Grease" as Johnny Casion and the Gamblers.
Muriel R. Cooper 1943 Designer, educator and researcher whose work has been internationally acknowledged in exhibits and publications. Leader of the most revolutionary thought about design and typography in graphics and computers. Well known for the large number of creative minds she spawned in her teaching, her research and her very being. A chair has been endowed at MIT in her memory, the only female honored in such a way.
Joan Darling 1953 Emmy and Dga award winner. Directed the "Chuckles" episode of the Mary Tyler Moore Show -- then number one TV episode of all time according to TV Guide.
Katherine (Kitty) Dukakis 1954 Former First Lady of the State of Massachusetts.
Michael S. Dukakis 1951 Former Governor of the State of Massachusetts.
Anya Epstein 1986 Consulting Producer and Writer for T.V. show Homicide, Life on the Street.
Theo Epstein 1991 Boston Red Sox General Manager appointed in 2002. Read about him in an article from the Globe (12/5/02)
Dr. Michael Fishbane 1960 The University of Chicago Divinity School Nathan Cummings Professor of Jewish Studies; Chair, the Committee on Jewish Studies.
Harry Gittes 1954 Hollywood producer, with Columbia Pictures, for "About Schmidt". starring Jack Nicholson.
Richard Goodwin 1949 Author, Columnist, Speechwriter for Presidents Kennedy and Johnson.
Anna Grace 1989 Actress who played Emma in the 1996 film Girls Town.
Aaron Greenberg 1949 After 40 years of "bells and buzzers", Aaron is a retired game show producer, his credits include "Let's Make A Deal," "The Joker's Wild," "Tic Tac Dough" and "Sale of the Century" and many more TV shows.
Samuel Heilman 1964 Distinguished Professor of Sociology at Queens College of the City University of New York. Visiting Professor at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Harvard University, U. Penn, Brandeis and many others across the world. Author of nine books on Judaica and sociology, all currently in print. Recipient of many prestigious awards in his field.
Edna Hibel 1934 World-renowned artist.
John Hodgman 1989 Host of The Little Gray Book Lectures, editor and writer for the New York Times Magazine.
Dr. Barry Holtz 1964 Dr. Barry Holtz '64, Professor of Jewish Education and learned scholar at Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City, writer and editor of numerous publications on teaching of classical texts and philosophy of Jewish education.
General George Kenney 1907 Commander U. S. Airforce - Southeast Asia, during World War ll.
General Robert Kingston 1947 (Deceased) Enlisted in the army as a Private straight out of BHS. Army's Command and General Staff College recently honored him by selecting him to their Hall of Fame, placing him alongside noted World War I and II generals George Marshall, George Patton, Omar Bradley, Matthew Ridgeway and many others.
Stephen Kinzer 1969 Foreign Correspondent and Bureau Chief, The New York Times.
Robert K. Kraft 1959 President and Chief Executive Officer of the New England Patriots professional football team since January 21, 1994.
Paul Lerner 1955 PhD (deceased), distinguished psychologist, professorships in many of the leading medical schools, private practice, co-author of five books dealing with aspects of Rorshach test and personality assessment. Worked in analysis of talent for the Dallas Stars and Philadelphia Flyers professional hockey teams. Recipient of distinguished awards from several universities and psychology-based societies.
Frank M. Loewenberg 1943 Selected as Columbia University School of Social Work Hall of Fame medalists, honoring contributions to theory and practice of social work, by example adding distinction to that profession.
Hon. Alan Lourie 1952 U. S. Court of Appeals Judge - Federal Circuit, Washington, DC.
Albert Maysles Pioneering work in direct cinema documentaries including the films "Gimme Shelter, "Salesman", and "Grey Gardens"
Fred Newman 1960 Major League baseball pitcher.
Conan O'Brien 1981 Team COCO, American Television Host, Comedian, Television Writer, Television Producer and Performer.
Francis Ouimet Won the U. S. Open Golf Tournament in 1913, as a 20-year old amateur at The Country Club in Brookline. He was a former caddie at the club who had to drop out of high school for economic reasons.
Hon. Henry Paro 1938 Federal judge
Steve Pearlstein 1969 Feature writer for the Washington Post.
Paul Pender 1949 Middleweight Boxing Champion of the World, 1960-1962. And inductee into World Boxing Hall of Fame, 1994
Honorable Maxwell Rabb 1928 U. S. Ambassador to Italy, Counsel to President Eisenhower, Secretary to White House Cabinet and prominent corporate lawyer.
Alan L. Rachins 1960 Actor - Stars in the hit TV show "Dharma and Greg" and formerly on the TV show "L.A. Law".
Steve Rivo 1989 Created award winning "New York: A Documentary Film" which he worked on for eight years.
Robert H. Rines 1939 President Franklin Pierce Law School, patent lawyer, scientist, researcher of Loch Ness Monster.
Dr. Peter C. Rollins 1959 Scholar of motion pictures and TV and author of 13 books and 3 PBS historical films. For details, see www.petercrollins.com
Steven Rothstein '74 President of Perkins Institute for the Blind.
Lew Schneider 1979 Exec. Producer and Writer for hit show "Everybody Loves Raymond". He was a stand up comedian for many years, has hit it big time with "Raymond".
Hon. Bruce H. Segal 1956 Federal Administrative Law Judge - Baltimore, MD
Alan Shapiro 1970 Professor of English and Creative Writing at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, author of five books of poetry, Guggenheim Fellowship, two National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships, and an Individual award from the Lila Wallace-Readers Digest Fund. Graduate degree from Stanford.
Lydia Shire 1966 Chef who owns Biba and Pignoli restaurants in Boston.
John Spooner 1955 Financial Writer
David Susskind 1938 Deceased talk show TV personality.
Mike (Myron) Wallace 1935 TV personality who is a 60 Minutes commentator.
Rick Weitzman 1963 Celtics basketball player and scout.
Peter Welker 1960 Peter Welker, a contemporary giant of trumpet and music recording and production on th west coast, graduate of Berklee College and the Boston Conservatory, is a multi-Grammy (eight and still counting) winner for his varied-style trumpet wizardry and record-production skills in a field of jazz, contemporary rock, and movies, He has worked together with many of legendary stars such as Boston's Herb Pomeroy and Ray Pizzi (who starred with Henry Mancini), giants such as Bill Watrous, Dave Matthews, Jerry Garcia, Bob Dylan, Chick Corea, Natalie Cole, The Temptations, just to mention some of his talent companions in various modern fields.
Honorable Charles Wyzanski, Jr. 1922 U. S. District Court Judge in Massachusetts.


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