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BHS Class of 2001 - 20 Year Reunion

BHS Class of 2001: It's time for our 20-year reunion! Reconnect with your classmates at 7pm on November 13, 2021 at Hops n Scotch in Coolidge Corner. Information about tickets and other reunion details can be found at www.Brookline2001.com. We look forward to seeing you there!

We’re sad to share the news of 1980 BHS alum Jane Redstone Hardenbrook’s untimely death after a brief battle with cancer earlier this month. 

From her home in Buckeye,AZ , Jane spent countless hours volunteering for the BHS Alumni Association on our Board of Directors as our Database Manager. She was fun, feisty and caring and we will truly miss her.  Our condolences to her family.

Brookline schools are hiring - ALUMNI PLEASE APPLY!  

Across the nation, educators are in short supply.  Brookline particularly needs teacher's aides (paraprofessionals) - though other teaching positions are open.  CAN OUR ALUMNI HELP?  If you live in the Boston area and are on a gap year, taking classes online, or just looking for a job helping students like you once were - please visit https://www.brookline.k12.ma.us/Page/2412 to learn more and apply.  (Aide positions do not require a bachelor's degree.) 

Planning a Reunion?

The BHS Alumni Association is Glad to Help! Contact Stan Goldberg '60, Treasurer

at treasurer@brooklinehighalumni.org


Time to plan the SWS 50th Anniversary Celebration. Contact us at "sws50th@gmail.com " to join the online Celebration Planning Committee. Help put together virtual and hopefully live events. Taking over from a group of alums and staff who met for the past year to find alums and develop a general plan, you will plan the Celebration and supervise subcommittees such as in person program/logistics, class meetings, fundraising, media and history, virtual get togethers on like-minded subjects, etc. As an SWSer, we know you have ideas about the weekend to share with us so use this site to share your ideas and to volunteer for a subcommittee or specific task. 


Welcome to Brookline High School's Alumni web site!

We hope that many alumni will find the site useful and visit often. Please pass this URL on to other Brookline High School alumni for their comments.  If you have suggestions or ideas for new functionality, send email to info@brooklinehighalumni.org . Bookmark this page!

If you have suggestions or ideas for new functionality, send email to info@brooklinehighalumni.org.
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Brookline High Needs YOU!

Without your help, it looks like the BHS Alumni Association may soon cease to exist. Not because we need funds (although that's always welcomed), but because we need people to give of an even more precious commodity...their time and energy.

We were founded more than 20 years ago as one of the first public high school alumni associations in the country. We've created a vibrant, useful and important organization: established contact with thousands of alumni, run a successful golf tournament, publish a twice-yearly alumni newsletter, hosted teacher breakfasts, supported numerous class alumni events, provided scholarships, concerts and seminars for current BHS students, created an archive of memorabilia and much, much more.

But now we're faced with a dilemma...in today's busy world, we are seeking volunteers. Any age, any amount of time you can give us. Can you help? There are lots of opportunities!! We need people to:

*join our board and attend monthly meetings in the early evening at the high school (no financial requirement or commitment, we promise!)
*help us update and maintain our website and/or administer our alumni Facebook group and other social media
*work with alumni reunion classes (answering questions, providing information and advice, act as a liaison)
*assist with financial aspects of running the organization
*organize events at the high school for students and teachers
*help plan the 175th anniversary of the high school in 2018

Whether you live locally or not, YOU can help! Please do it today: contact Stanley Goldberg '60 at treasurer@brooklinehighalumni.org or Marcy Clebnik Kornreich '74 at news@brooklinehighalumni.org.


Did you know that.......................
We act as a resource for your reunions?
We save you considerable money on the cost of your reunions?
We maintain a data base of over 30,000 BHS alumni?
We publish and distribute to this data base newsletters with class and school news twice a year at considerable cost?
We receive no funds from the town or the school?
The school actually keeps no records about graduates after you graduate? That function is left for us.
We continually upgrade your information "24/7", and we welcome your participation in this?
We depend completely upon the annual dues of the alumni?